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The goal of this archives

Usually a lot of materials are being lost because it is very difficult to find time and strength for putting main results together after finishing the job. Some time later it turns into a head ache to remember the details and find needed files. To make your business comfortable archives system is proposed. If you would like to save time and have reliable materials please look at these examples

Multimedia technologies

Methods and solutions

This system is focused on keeping control and monitoring data sources using multimedia technologies. As an example one can look at proposed solutions being sufficiently implemented for conferences, controlling functions, systematizations dense set of data, forecasting. This system can be also effectively used for advertisement as well.
Our experience allows to conclude:

  1. This system is very effective to keep control and analyze large data sets, including:
    • beeline access
    • systematization
    • monitoring
  2. Data is presentable
  3. Compatible with Internet

It is also possible to mark next ways for implementation of this technology:

  1. Supporting conferences
  2. Systematization results of projects and researches
  3. Calculators
  4. Mass media (interactive archives)
  5. Data marts

Please look at proposed solutions.

Best solutions:

This disk is being prepared for UNICEF

Resource Contains Documents on the Rights of the Childs.

Pension System Analysis

This analysis is a follow up of the World Bank report prepared in 2002: “Pension System in Russia: Structure and Implementation”, which studied transition from the pay-as-you-go principle to the notional funded principle, including the funded pillar. The report discussed three basic scenarios with varying macroeconomic assumptions, provided ray projections and reviewed financial viability of the pension system.

Social consequences of AIDS (ILO project)

A computer model has been developed to assess the social and economic consequences of the HIV epidemic in Russia. The model makes possible a projection of the number of HIV-infected and AIDS-affected people, expenditures of health care sector on medical examinations and treatment of people infected by HIV and affected by AIDS and also of the spending needed to pay short-term disability benefits. Besides, an analysis has been made of the impact from the spread of the HIV epidemic on the numbers of employed and pensioners and the financial stability of the pension fund. This model makes use of the stratification principle, in keeping with which the entire population is broken down into three sex a nd age groups in which individuals are born in the same year: the uninfected population, the HIV-infected population and the AIDS-affected population. The one-directional transitions between the groups are determined with the help of the coefficients that generally depend on time, sex and age and describe the probability of becoming HIV-infected and AIDS-affected. A demographic projection rests on conservative assumptions.